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Housing in Australia

The most important step in moving to Australia is finding a roof to put over your head. Here’s a quick guide on the basics to housing in Australia!

Housing in Australia Guide by Moovaz


As a foreigner, renting or buying a house in Australia is a challenge in itself.

It can become unnerving if you don’t have the right information about the place.

Thinking of moving and living in Australia? Let us help you.

For a complex real estate market like Australia, it is important to have every tip and trick up your sleeve.

With the information, you will be able to make informed purchasing decisions and can make a comfortable stay down under!

In this guide, we will help you with the basics of buying a property in Australia.

So, let’s cut to the chase and dive straight in!


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Types of Properties and Documents Required

Step one – Know what housing options you have and ensure you have the necessary documents before shortlisting your favourites.

Temporary Accommodation

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Temporary accommodation in Australia comes with a lot of options.

If you are looking for apartments that are fully furnished and ready to live in, we will highly recommend going for Short-Stay Apartments. These generally have access to hotel services like room service and include regular cleaning. Pricing may range from $120 to $300 per night.

Then you have private houses available for short-term stays. These are owned by private landlords and thus the prices may vary. They are fully-furnished in but do not have any cleaning or room service.

You can even try out hotels and motels down under as well. These are available all across Australia and their prices vary widely.

Ever tried caravan parks? Well, these can be a good option if you are moving through regional centres. They offer on-site caravans or holiday-style cabins and come with very affordable pricetags. You can use caravan parks at less than $100 per night.

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Flats/ Apartments/ Stratas

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Your journey to renting an apartment in Australia can be an exciting one. Prices vary according to the property size, transport options, and suburb.

Most of the apartments you will encounter will generally include:
• Stoves/ovens
• Carpets
• Curtains or blinds
• Hot Water Systems
• Heating and air conditioning
• Dishwashers

Water, gas, electricity, and other utility costs can fluctuate. We highly recommend checking with the local real estate agent to get complete insights into the apartment you are looking to rent.

Renting an apartment will require you to submit an application with your whereabouts and current income. You will also have to sign a legally binding lease agreement with details such as duration of stay, amount of rent paid, and any special conditions (keeping pets, etc.). You will be required to pay a bond as a security for the landlord in case you fail to abide by the conditions in the lease agreement.

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Housing in Australia

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Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to buying a house.

Since there’s so much of variety to choose from, we highly recommend you to make sure the property you choose has the desired price bracket, location, value, size, and also that it matches your lifestyle!

Houses down under are sold through private sales or auctions. You can either go with the advertised price or participate in an auction and bid against others interested in buying the property.

Make sure you can deposit the required amount for the house (generally 10 percent) and have a plan for paying the remainder of the money.Housing in Australia will almost always require organising your finances before making an offer.

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Property Search Sites and Online Groups to Follow

The Internet’s going to be your bestfriend when it comes to house hunting. Here’s a couple of sites that’ll guide you along!

If you are looking for Australia’s #1 online property website, will do the job just right. It is a great platform for buyer, investors, and tenants to exchange knowledge and advice. You can easily filter property results as per your own parameters.

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Here, you will have everything presented to you upfront. Easily look for the houses to buy or rent just by entering your preferences like location, property type, and budget. The site will then come up with a long list of options you can consider.

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If you are someone who is looking to get as much information as possible about upcoming property projects in Australia, is your best bet. It will help you stay up-to-date with the latest developments for any property project and will allow you to research through its database.

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Being one of Australia’s leading real estate websites, has helped buyers and renters to browse through thousands of online property listings. The depth of information provided about the listed property is absolutely worth it.

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On The House

On The House uncovers a whole real estate market and presents you with all prospects before you make a decision. It shows all the Free Real Estate Agent Property Listings and gives information about all the sold as well as available property. Not just that, it has a database of over 12 million Australian properties.

[Back to Top] will save you tons of time. All you have to do is mention the type of property and location you are looking for and it will show you the results whenever any property matching your preferences pops up on its server.

[Back to Top] is a great website for searching a desirable place for housing in Australia. Not just that, the website also provides visitors with the latest real estate news and market trends in Australia. You can leverage the market advice and tools to make a highly informed decision.

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Get one of the most perfect online property searching experience only on If you are house-hunting or looking to rent, the website will help you to contact an agent and get things started. They also have an online community which is very active.

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If you are relatively new to the Australian property market, Naked Real Estate Blog is the way to get your crash course done. Get exclusive real estate tips and insights from Australia’s top property experts.

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Tips to Consider While Looking for Properties

Now that you have all the resources to find housing options, here are some nifty notes to keep in mind before collecting your new keys!

Inspect the Property before Renting or Buying

We highly recommend inspecting the property properly before you decide to put your money on it. Hire a professional if you can’t do it yourself.

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Double-check the Lease Agreement

The lease agreement, as mentioned earlier, has all the important details about your accommodation. It states the duration of your stay, the deposit amount paid, any special conditions, and more. It is a very important piece of document which should be thoroughly examined.

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Check all the Rules and Regulations

Every state has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to real estate. So, make sure you know them well. Also, landlords tend to put have their own set of conditions which you should know prior to moving in.

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Book Your Accommodations in Advance

Booking accommodations in advance is always a good idea as it can help you beat the surge in prices during holidays or any major international events.

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Consider all Extra-Costs Attached to the Purchase

When doing financial preparation for a property, always plan for extra costs. You should allow money for stamp duties, loan applications, land title transfer fee, legal costs, cost of transportation, inspection fees, mortgage repayments, and more.

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Check Where You Will Be Staying

It is very important to know everything about the location you are settling in. Have an idea of the public transport and major connecting roads, proximity to your workplace, proximity to markets, and airport and bus stations.

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Speak to the Agent often

If you are purchasing a property through a real estate agent, make sure you have good communication and rapport with him as it will help you get a deeper insight into the market.

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Top 10 Foreigner-Friendly Locations in Australia

As welcoming as Australians are, there may be some neighbourhoods which you may prefer to move to- be it due to the numerous job opportunities available or the tight community of foreigners available. Here are our top 10 choices!

Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide is known for managing a balance of hustle of a city and the beauty of countryside. The Barossa Valley provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to WWOOF on its wine-producing regions. Go south and you can enjoy on the Kangaroo Island or dive into Port Lincoln and observe the Great White Sharks!

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Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Coffs Harbour is a perfect place for some regional work which might help you get a second year’s visa. The work, however, requires physical labour for long hours. Being a remote place, you will be spending your time with fellow backpackers. It is surrounded by many side trips as it is a coastal town.

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Tenerife, Brisbane

Tenerife has a great neighbourhood, if you are looking for a place to settle down. It is quite a relaxing place to be and also at the same time, is relatively close to all the important amenities. You have got Fortitude Valley as well as Riverstage, which is known for some of the best outdoor live music shows in Australia.

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Cairns, Queensland

Cairns is the place you want to head in winters as most of the travelers will be there for the exquisite bars, restaurants, markets, and regional work. Your love for scenery will rekindle in Cairns as it has some of the best natural landscapes in the world.

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Fitzroy, Melbourne

Fitzroy has a demographic dominated by students. Full of shady streets and coffee shops, Fitzroy is the place to go on the far side of Summer. There aren’t any jobs for travelers here and the atmosphere here is quite relaxed. Don’t forget to visit Queen Victoria Market and Flemington Racecourse.

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Bondi Beach, Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s center for business and therefore, you are going to have lots of opportunities to take up office jobs. Sydney is loud and is marked with many tourist landmarks. Bondi’s the place to go if you are looking to relax after a hard day’s work. It has a repertoire of restaurants and bars.

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Darwin, Northern Territory

Darwin is smaller than Cairns and has an environment unlike the rest of down under. The water here is filled with saltwater crocodiles and has rich wildlife. We highly recommend exploring the wilderness of Darwin. If you are into weekend trips, take one to the Kakadu National Park.

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Airlie Beach, Whitsunday

Airlie Beach has one of the most trafficked harbour. You will experience all of Australia here as there are many sailing companies rest here and move to Whitsunday islands for booze cruises. It’s a very small place and you might not find any job opportunities here.

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Byron Bay, New South Wales

Backpackers are known to migrate to Byron Bay when the weather starts to cool. Perfect time for an East Coast tour, you will find many travelers experiencing the ultimate hippie culture here. It conducts Australia’s biggest and one of the most popular music festivals – The Byron Bay Bluesfest, taking place every April.

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St. Kilda, Melbourne

St. Kilda is a little stretch of beach heavily populated with foreign travellers. So, if it’s your first time down under, you must definitely visit St. Kilda to ease yourself with the Australian culture. There are many short-term jobs available here that one can do. In the summers, you can experience some of the best weather in the country.

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